the optimistic cynic (thinkstoomuch) wrote,
the optimistic cynic

I'll take one of those, please

Mmmmm, camera lust.

I'd put it on some wishlist so you can all buy me one, but it's currently only available in Japan.

    Summary of drool-worthy features:
  • Full resolution 60fps burst mode. Not only this, but as soon as you half-press shutter release, it's taking 60fps, and after you full-press, you can pick any of the burst to keep. Always get exactly the right frame of the action.

  • Full 1080p HD video at 60fps, with port for external mic

  • Hotshoe flash, and built-in that will do 7fps. Perfect for action shots of epileptics!

  • High speed video up to 1200fps.

I've been wanting a hispeed video cam for ages, this one is far far cheaper than dedicated hispeed video, but fast enough for me, and also a good bridge camera. Here's a review of features. Here's a youtube video which shows the crazy hispeed video. I could shoot a salticus leaping on its prey!
Tags: geek, photography
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