the optimistic cynic (thinkstoomuch) wrote,
the optimistic cynic

No christmas for me, but best wishes for yours

I am all alone in the house! That is a statement meant in a positive manner - I need some solitary time once in a while. Everyone else has gone back to their parents for christmas, while I stay here to attempt the by now much loathed dissertation write-up. That statement, not so positive. Ah well.

Builders are replacing the bathroom ceiling and the kitchen counter-top. Their predicted two day job will be on its fifth day tomorrow, assuming builders work christmas day, which I somehow doubt. Still, it will be a nice improvement when it is finished.

Lastly, here is a sketch of sad robot, inspired by jabbawokki:

Don't worry! He is not an expression of my feelings, I am actually quite chirpy today. He is sad because a mean girl hit him. I'm quite pleased with him as he's not copied, except the pose which I took from Rodin's Thinker. Hopefully I'll turn him into a proper drawing with more lights and doohickeys. Robots need doohickeys!
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