the optimistic cynic (thinkstoomuch) wrote,
the optimistic cynic

dissertating the day away

So, another meeting with supervisor two days ago. Still can't provide me a deadline, still can't say if the second extension request is proceeding.

I have made little progress, regarding writing things up. I have, however, made progress in determining what my problem is: I really don't like writing academic reports. I have no problems documenting procedure, writing manuals, design or spec, or with reporting results. But I am very, very slow at the body of reports. I'm not a natural writer, I find forming fluid, coherent sentences, along with over-arching document structure, to be an excruciating and distasteful process. It's satisfying when I get there, but it's very slow and not an enjoyable journey.

Consequently, while I love learning, making things and working on programming, and problem solving, and have great enthusiasm for these, I spend a disproportionate amount of time on the parts I dislike. And when I'm writing reports I probably split my time about 20/80 between actually producing words and procrastinating / deliberating / hating it.

So, academia - probably not for me. Still, it's good to know, and there is also the distinct possbility that I'm just a bit sick of it at the moment. In either case, a year or two having a job, actually doing the things I enjoy, will be good for perspective, money, and I suspect general well-being.

I sketched some good ideas for a mechanical spider earlier.
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